Zombie films

‘Daredevil’ stunt double to direct indie zombie movie

By Dakota Cantwell

A stunt double from the Netflix series “Daredevil”, Chris Brewster, is taking steps to move out of stunts and fight choreography and into the director’s chair.

Brewster is set to direct “Outbreak Z”, the upcoming indie action-horror zombie film.

“Outbreak Z” will focus on two SWAT officers as they fight their way through an overrun college campus to find a man who has the vaccine for the zombie virus.

In an effort to set the film apart from others and make the action feel more real, Brewster, along with Winter State Entertainment, is looking to have the cast comprised of stunt doubles and performers in the lead roles.

In a statement, Brewster said “The DNA of our project is ‘action movie’ through and through, and that is why we are casting Hollywood’s stunt superstars in lead roles.”

He added “Our zombies will not move or act like anything that the audience seen before — the action tells the story, so the reactions and defense against the zombies will be vastly different than prior movies in this genre. I truly believe that stunt performing is a dream job. We play full contact make believe and the more fun we have, the more fun the audience will have!”

While this is Brewster’s debut in directing, he’s not new to the movie scene. In addition to his work on Netflix’s “Daredevil” Brewster is also credited in the a lot of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for his work on “Black Panther”, “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Captain America: Winter Soldier”. He’s also worked on films outside the MCU like “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” and “Star Trek Into Darkness”.

“Outbreak Z” was written by Hamid Torabpour, Clint Narramore and Andrew Kightlinger.

Along with already beginning the casting process, the film has found its composer, Eric Arjesis. Arjesis is known for writing and composing “Bad Blood”, a song featured in “The Walking Dead”.

“Outbreak Z will not be your typical zombie movie,” Torabpour said. “Chris’ experience on many Marvel features makes him the perfect leader for this film. We will take a very stylistic and unique approach, utilizing the industry’s top stunt performers in the main cast roles, aiming to go beyond what mainstream features can accomplish on screen. With this feature, we want to highlight the amazing work that stunt performers bring to film and give them the spotlight in lead roles.”

The movie aims to begin filming at the end of 2018 or beginning of 2019 in Minneapolis.

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