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Student arrested for sharing ‘Walking Dead: Our World’ video

An Indiana teenager is facing criminal charges after posting a video he recorded while playing a video game at his high school.

Sean Small, 18-year-old student at Scottsburg High School, recorded footage of himself playing “The Walking Dead: Our World.” The game uses augmented reality technology to allow players to hunt zombies in the real world, in much the same way Pokemon Go and other games function.

The problems for Small began when he shared that footage on social media. When school officials were made aware of the video, they took action to suspend Small and notified local police who arrested the teen on a charge of “intimidation.”

Sean Small’s father, Kris Small, said he understand the need for school’s to exercise caution, but also to keep the matter in perspective.

“We all want our kids to be safe. I mean, my kids go here in this community. I want them safe and I’m afraid for things, so I get their concerns. We just need cooler heads to prevail and step back and say okay, this is nothing,” Kris Small said.

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