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Five must-have first aid kit essentials

By M.L. Lewis
Accidents are a fact of life. 60,000 people will be admitted to the hospital this year just for cuts. If the cut is severe enough your body can suffer from blood loss and shock. Under the best circumstances, it takes eight minutes for help to arrive on the scene.

But, that’s okay because you are one of the 1.7 million people in the country that has a first aid kit! Perhaps you are also one of 9 percent that went to a first aid/CPR class. You’ve got your CPR masks, non-latex gloves, gauze of various sizes, and more band-aids you can handle.

What could go wrong with your perfect first aid kit? Unfortunately, most first aid kits lack the basics. These five items are very critical and often left out to make room for more band-aids.

5. Braces
We all have sprained a body part at one tie on our lives. The most common type of sprains are in our ankles. A sprain happens when you pull or tear a ligament. One of the best ways to treat a sprain is by wrapping it up in an Ace bandage or using a brace. This give the ligament time to heal without stressing it further and making the problem worse.

Your going to need light to see the wound to provide proper treatment. Chances are there is going to be an ongoing blackout during the Z.A. For an added benefit get one with a built-in blue lens. Blue helps you detect blood better and find wounds faster.

3. Hot Chocolate
Not only is this a wonderful comfort food but chocolate has plenty of medical benefits. Hot chocolate can be used to bring up your internal body temperature if you are in early stages of hypothermia. It can also be used to soothe an upset stomach and relieve cramping. The antioxidants found in hot chocolate and can alleviate heart disease and lowers risk of macular degeneration.

2.Hard Candies
Quite the soothing candy that has many health benefits. Peppermint soothes upset stomach and chest congestion. Butterscotch can be used as cough drops and can comfort sore throats. Cherry can reduce muscle pain and arthritis pain. The health benefits can go on forever just Google your favorite flavor.

1. Petroleum Jelly
Petroleum jelly is a very versatile product. Often used to treat skin problems like dryness, rashes, and scrapes. It can be used to moisten chapped lips. It relieves pain and helps heal wind or sunburned skin. It also eases symptoms of skin disorders like eczema.

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