Equipping for disaster

Lighten your load

By Jake Sepulveda

Many individuals make the mistake of over-packing their Bug Out Bags or E-kits. This weighs them down, increases the energy it takes to travel, and greatly reduces the ability to move quickly or for long periods of time when needed.

Bogging yourself down with an excess of gear and supplies can quickly turn the tides against you. Over-packing can and will lead to exhaustion, sore and damaged muscles, stumbling, and a greater risk of serious accidents occurring. While it’s important to carry the basic essentials and gear with you, a BOB should never be more than you can easily walk at least 5 miles in… and that’s on a bad day.

Pack only what you need, leaving room for supplies you might find along the way, and you’re off to a good start. Always carry food, water, and medical supplies… but leave the kitchen sink and dead weight at home. There’s no need to load up on unnecessary gear, or quadruple backups of everything.

Keep the Weight Down:

  • Pack only what you truly need. If you wont use it you don’t need it. And if you don’t need it, you wont miss it.
  • Carry a SINGLE backup for important things like blades, fire tools, and water treatment. Don’t over do it with 5 knives, 2 stoves, 3 lighters, two bedrolls, etc.
  • Look for lightweight alternatives that can do the job just as well. You don’t need a cast iron skillet when a tin can or lightweight pot will do the job.
  • Plan on 72 hours, not 72 days. Your plan for survival shouldn’t rely on only what you can carry. If you learn the skills needed to collect your own food, water, shelter, and gear, you wont need to pre-pack it into a bag.

When you’re on the move after a Zombie outbreak, the last thing you want is to be dragging your feet and stopping to rest every 5 minutes. So please, take our advice and keep it simple, keep it light, and stay alive.

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