Equipping for disaster

Ten fictional characters to have on your zombie apocalypse team

By M.L. Lewis

Your team could be a matter of life or being Life Cereal to a zombie. You want the best to survive this apocalypse and need a diverse team of experts if you have any shot at making it through this. For the integrity of the list, I purposely left of lead characters from popular zombie films and shows. So, don’t get mad at me if you don’t see Ash, Shaun, or anybody from AMC: The Walking Dead.

  1. Paul Kersey- Death Wish

paul_kerseyHe may appear as a humble old man, but deep down he’s a quick killer. He makes every bullet count and only goes after people he got a clear shot at. He is an architect so he can design the perfect zombie-proof shelter to house your team. He has the stamina and strength to keep up with every member on the run, and he can definitely survive on his own for some time.

  1. Hit Girl- Kick Ass

hitgirlShe is an expert in martial arts. She has a hardened personality and is desensitized to violence and gore. She is a trained knife thrower and also other melee weapons. She is mature beyond her age and is a lot more level head. At times she could provide a voice of reason in a chaotic situation. She might lack strength because of her age, but that doesn’t hold back her resilience in a difficult world.

  1. Connor McManus- Boondock Saints 1& 2

connorIf you haven’t seen Boondock Saints then you’re clearly not a big Norman Reedus fan. Boondock Saints is a cult classic. Connor is the leader of the trio. He has a great ability at orchestrating a clean sweep in every building. He is an excellent marksman and can hit the target while moving. Connor also knows how to use rope very well and makes it a practical tool in both films.

  1. Monica Geller- Friends

Monica-geller-pictureShe might not provide much in security or athletic ability, but what she lacks there she makes up in other fields. She is a trained chef and can whip up a three-course meal with very little ingredients. Her organization and cleaning ability can provide a sanitary shelter with a proper inventory of goods on hand. When worse comes to worse she could definitely be a scrapper, so she isn’t completely weak.

  1. Sarah Connor- Terminator franchise

Sarah_Connor_(Linda_Hamilton)After going up against countless Terminators she definitely learned how to take on opponents who just won’t die. She comes along way since 1984. She has the basic understanding of guerrilla warfare tactics that can prove handy in the event the team gets captured. She is a skilled fighter and can definitely take care of herself when the time comes. She is dedicated to her family and will be doing anything to protect them.

  1. Dr. Gregory House- House M.D.

dr-houseDr. House is known for his sharp wit and extensive medical knowledge. If given the right tools I’m sure he could develop a cure for everyone on the team. He is a brilliant doctor and can provide excellent triage care to an injured member. He never lets his disability hold him back and takes on every challenge he faced during the show’s eight-year running.

  1. Caroline “Ma” Ingalls- Little House on the Prairie

ma ingallsMa was a frontier woman and was made to be hard and rugged. She maintained a home without common luxuries like running water and electricity. She often helps out her husband on their farms so she knows how to grow and harvest crops. Being from the prairies she knows how to make almost everything you could possibly need. From clothes to furniture she can turn any camp into a home.

  1. Lassie- Lassie series

lassieEvery good team needs a good guard dog. To me, nobody has ever been as loyal as Lassie. She is there to help when you need her the most. Has great communication skills because she was able to give Timmy’s location accurately every time. Owning a dog has many health benefits and is known for reducing stress if you pet one.

  1. Hermoine Granger- Harry Potter Series

hermioneShe is the smartest witch of her age at Hogwarts School. Her magical ability will definitely give your team a competitive edge against the walkers. She can cast camouflage spells, silencing charms, and conjure up fires in less time then a normal human or “muggle” could ever dream. The expanding can increase your ability to carry items. Her summoning spell can make finding food, water, and other necessities with ease. Can’t open a locked room, alhomora it open. There no end to what she can do with magic!

  1. Deadpool- The Deadpool Comics

DEADPOOLYeah, I said it: Deadpool. He provides great comic relief and is a good team morale booster. He is quick with blades and knows how to ration bullets. He is very creative and thinks on his feet in a sticky situation. His regeneration ability can prove to be useful in multiple situations. If his leg is bitten he could cut it off and keep going. In one comic Deadpool cut off his arm to feed someone starving to death in order to keep them alive. That’s the kind of dedication we need on a survival team.

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