Equipping for disaster

Protect your feet to stay mobile in the apocalypse

By Jake Sepulveda

You may have to leave your home at a moments notice, and you might have to do it on foot. Having a comfortable pair of Zombie stomping/trekking shoes by the bed is a simple and important step towards survival and disaster preparedness.

Although some individuals subscribe to the idea that “barefoot is better”, when it comes down to the reality of long-term survival, we wholeheartedly disagree. With unknown contaminates and a likelihood of broken glass and other debris scattered on the floor, pavement, etc… not to mention natural obstacles like stone, snow, and ice, protective footwear can and will make a world of difference when it comes to long-term survival. No one wants glass or Zombie blood imbedded in their feet… do they?

Look for a pair of mid-weight shoes that are both comfortable to wear for long distances and highly durable… you don’t want to develop blisters or a hole in your shoe when you’re on the run from a group of bandits or a hungry horde of Zombies. Don’t just pick up the first thing you see either, do a little research, find what fits you best, and try them out.


Lightweight leather work boots – These heavy-duty leather kicks can protect you from not just Zombie bites, but the elements as well. The only down-side is that they weigh a little heavy on the stride, and can be a pain to maintain. But in the long-run, this type of boot very well might outlast the rest.

Steel-toed work boots – These boots make up for their weight with a boost to kicks and crunching, for those with strong legs and stomachs. Extremely heavy and sometimes cumbersome, this type of shoe is best left to those going short distances or anyone wanting to do some direct to the head Zombie stomping.

Running shoes – Meant for the light weight survivor on the move, a pair of running shoes can take you many miles before breaking down and needing to be replaced. While they wont offer the greatest bite protection, you’ll likely be able to outrun and outmaneuver whatever is chasing you… as long as you’re up on your cardio.

Sneakers – These versatile classics are great for running, climbing, kicking, and stomping… but they are more likely to break down than a sturdy pair of work boots or running shoes. Sneakers can be found and replaced easily and come in an extremely wide variety of styles and fits.

Hiking Shoes/boots – Available in a wide variety of styles, weights, and cuts, hiking boots can be anywhere from over-weight clunkers to “barefoot” style sneakers. If you think you’ll be roughing it off trail and in the woods for long periods of time, this might be the shoe for you. But if you’re looking for something more versatile, you might try a running shoe or sneaker instead.

Flip-Flops –  Because these often require a shuffling type foot movement to stay on, you’d be better served going barefoot than relying on a pair of these loosely fitted foot pads. Not only will your shuffling increase the chance of stumbles, you’ll look an awful lot like a Zombie… especially after a few days without a shower.

High-Heels – While they might work well as melee weapons against soft tissues like the eye, high heels are not a shoe meant for survival. The unnatural stance and tip-toed gait that a High-heel requires, just isn’t what you need to get away from an encroaching danger… in fact, we’re not sure why folks ever wear these at all.

IN CONCLUSION: Regardless of the type of shoe you choose to use, make sure it fits your foot well and is comfortable to walk in. After purchasing or assigning a pair of Bug Out shoes, take the time to “break them in”, you won’t regret it. Pack your bag, put your shoes on and head out the door for a couple of hours. Do this once a week for a few weeks, and you wont just “break in” your shoes, you’ll prepare your body as well.

As long as you have a good pair of shoes by the bed, and a healthy pair of lungs and legs, you’ll be ready to run should the need ever arise… no matter how suddenly it may come. And remember, you don’t have to outrun the undead, you just have outrun the person next to you.

BONUS TIP: Replace the laces of your survival shoes with lengths of 550 paracord. Not only does it work well for laces, it’s an incredible supply to have on hand for emergencies.

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