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Z Nation producer says fan favorite character will return in season 5


Anastasia Baranova has played Addy since season 1 of Z Nation.

Z Nation has always had a strong female presence, but season 4 saw the death of Lucy and the disappearance of Addy and Red.

With no official word from SyFy or Asylum, it was unclear what was the plan for the latter two characters. There was some speculation among fans that Anastasia Baranova, the actress who plays Addy, had left the show over a contract dispute.

Giving some credence to those rumors was the fact DgeYb7GVMAEno-Nthat Baranova appeared in 13 episodes the television series Syn and had a one-off appearance on the series Madam Secretary.

The matter was being discussed on Facebook recently when Z Nation producer Karl Schaefer popped up in the thread, writing “Addy will be back for season 5.”

How large a role she will play remains to be seen, but given the source, it would appear there is still more Addy story to tell.


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