Equipping for disaster

Elon Musk continues to reference zombie apocalypse

By Chris Post

Elon Musk is what at one time was called a “futurist.” He looks at the world not as it is, but as it should be and sets about trying to figure out how to get there from here.

Along the way, he’s founded an electric car company, a space travel company and marketed a flamethrower. He’s a forward-thinking man of vision and he talks an awful lot about the zombie apocalypse.

Back in January, Musk took to social media to promote the flamethrower he was marketing. In a tweet, he said the product had a money-back gaurantee against the undead.


A short time later, the billionaire idea-man tweeted some follow-up messages assuring the public that he was not personally working to bring about the zombie apocalypse.

zombietweet 2

The most recent incident came during the Tesla 2018 shareholder meeting on June 5. During the meeting, Musk talked about all sorts of issues related to his company, including its third generation superchargers. This version of the device used by Tesla owners to recharge their cars’ batteries would include solar panels and storage system to allow them to operate during failures of the power grid. “Even during a zombie apocalypse,” Musk added.

You can watch the shareholder meeting here:


Musk has a reputation among some groups as a bit of an excentric and a crackpot, but he was the guy whose vision put a roadster in orbit around the sun. Could this talk of a zombie apocalypse be foretelling the future or just the ramblings of a rich madman? Only time will tell.


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