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iZombie season 4 comes to Netflix

Hot on the heels of the season finale on the CW, iZombie season 4 has already come to Netflix.

The streaming service currently has all four seasons of the show available for fans to binge watch.

Season 4 episode guide (spoilers, duh)

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers
46 1 “Are You Ready for Some Zombies?” Dan Etheridge Rob Thomas February 26, 2018 T27.13601 0.99[51]
Seattle, which has been renamed as New Seattle, is protected by a wall, built around the city by the U.S. Government. Liv and Clive investigate the murder of a Seattle Seahawkssuperfan, who was not a fan of zombies. Chase Graves assigns Major to mentor homeless teen zombies after looking into his past. Angus is rescued out of the well Blaine was keeping him in and begins to preach to other zombies. Ravi’s zombie cure is revealed to have technically worked, however he relapses into a zombie form for 72 hours once a month as a side effect.
47 2 “Blue Bloody” Michael Fields Dean Lorey March 5, 2018 T27.13602 0.77[52]
A rich socialite, who always spoke her mind no matter whom it offended, is murdered by one of her assistants; Liv adopts her personality while looking into the case with Clive. While at work on the front-line, Fisher and Jordan, accompanied by Major, witness a group of young adults ganging up on a zombie-friendly restaurant and step in, putting Jordan at risk. Meanwhile, Angus’ priesthood attains a cult following as he roams around the streets preaching.
48 3 “Brainless in Seattle, Part 1” Michael Wale Heather V. Regnier March 12, 2018 T27.13603 0.76[53]
A woman looking to get snuck into New Seattle was found dead, with most of her brain matter missing. The small bits left behind is all Liv has to eat. The woman easily fell in love, which prompts Liv to very easily swoon for a new guy. In the end, they realize that she was murdered by the coyote who was sneaking her in. Meanwhile, Blaine is asked by Graves to find the coyote Renegade. He finds a zombie who had been turned by her, and reveals that he has the cure for zombieism and proceeds to eat his brain.
49 4 “Brainless in Seattle, Part 2” Michael Fields Heather V. Regnier March 19, 2018 T27.13604 0.73[54]
Liv and Clyde continue to look for the coyote killing his rich and desperate clients. Ravi volunteers to pose as bait to lure the coyote out. Meanwhile, Blaine and Don E. are under the effects of a guy who tells his secrets in an effort to find out where Renegade operates. Blaine finds her, kills her bodyguards and brings her to Graves.
50 5 “Goon Struck” Joaquin Sedillo Bob Dearden March 26, 2018 T27.13605 0.72[55]
Liv consumes the brain of one of Renegade’s bodyguards who were murdered by Blaine in the previous episode. Major and Don E. work together to kidnap the daughter of a man who wants to nuke Seattle in order to stop the zombie population. Meanwhile, Chase Graves puts Renegade in zombie jail (freezing zombies) despite persistent efforts from other people calling for Renegade to be executed. Reluctantly, he ends up having to execute Renegade, publicly. As Liv, Ravi, and Peyton, horrified, watch the execution, Liv speaks to one of her associates, Levon, and demands him to gather Renegade’s remaining associates–in order to restart her business.
51 6 “My Really Fair Lady” Tessa Blake Graham Norris April 9, 2018 T27.13606 0.80[56]
While on the brain of a dramatic actress who was in a bus crash, Liv devises a plan to pick up where Mama Leone left off. She, Levon and Mama Leone’s other contacts smuggle 5 humans across the border, turning them in the process. Liv distracts a security guard while Levon and the others rescue the humans. After they are scratched, Liv sees a family reunite. Meanwhile, Peyton helps a mother find her dog, after her husband, a heroin addict, dies in the bus crash. Ravi eats his brain to help Peyton, as he still has feelings for her. Ultimately, she reunites the mother with the dog, and she thanks Ravi by kissing him, passionately. Blaine finds out his father is out of the well and is the leader of the zombie cult, who stages a protest at Blaine’s restaurant to get his followers free food.
52 7 “Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Brain” Tuan Quoc Le Sara Saedi April 16, 2018 T27.13607 0.81[57]
Liv eats the brain of a professional player, who is murdered via poisoned condoms. While on the brain, she comes onto Levon and tries to seduce him into sleeping with her. Simultaneously, she and Levon visit Angus and ask for his help in distributing brains to the zombies that they have smuggled across the New Seattle border. Ravi tries to help Clive get a girl to have sex with, since he and Bozzio cannot due to their different species. Clive has a one-night stand with a escort, and after seeing Dale, finds out he was the first out of the two to have sex with another person. Don E chops off Dino’s head to be taken to Blaine for further questioning. Chase Graves assigns Major as his “Vice President of Getting Stuff Done”, and the two storm a newspaper office printing “fake news”, where Rachel identifies Major as the chaos killer. Peyton catches Liv printing I.D. cards for the zombies she has smuggled across the border.
53 8 “Chivalry Is Dead” Jason Bloom Diane Ruggiero-Wright April 23, 2018 T27.13608 0.68[58]
Clive takes Ravi and Liv to the scene of the crime, where the victim is described as a medieval history professor who enjoys LARP-ing in his spare time. One of Liv’s coyote’s, Isobel, goes missing, however she is brought to Liv, who tries to turn her into a zombie. Despite multiple scratches, she doesn’t turn to a zombie. Angus and Blaine’s arrangement continues, but Blaine asks him for a favor after Mr. Boss comes to visit him. Russ and Major terrorize zombies.
54 9 “Mac-Liv-Moore” LL Hayter Talia Gonzalez & Bisanne Masoud April 30, 2018 T27.13609 0.68[59]
Ravi finds out about Isobel and helps Liv and Peyton. Major saves Chase Graves’ life after his paranoid fears ring true. Blaine gives Don E a ‘special brain’ which turns out to be the brain of a genius and together the two devise a real estate plan, leading them to kill Baracus.
55 10 “Yipee Ki Brain, Motherscratcher!” Enrico Colantoni Chelsea Catalanotto May 7, 2018 T27.13610 0.78[60]
Liv gets suspended for beating someone up while on a brain, meaning she can only do investigations. Angus compares Blaine to zombie god making Blaine attend his church, where he lets his followers kill and eat their old housemaid. Blaine watches this in horror. Liv’s comrade, Curtis, gets caught by Chase Graves and is told to give up the name of the new Renegade or meet death, and he tells them a fake story, implicating Brother Love. Isobel tells Ravi she wants to have sex before she dies. Liv and Levon are revealed to be in a relationship, and she scratches Curtis to prevent the Filmore-Graves employees from killing him. Russ and AJ are shown to be working together, and Major figures out Liv is the new Renegade.
56 11 “Insane in the Germ Brain” Jude Weng Dean Lorey May 14, 2018 T27.13611 0.72[61]
Clive and Dale officially break up after she hears him and Liv talking about Michelle. Russ Roche takes Major to his superior, AJ, and he reveals that he has been working for Filmore-Graves the whole time. He tells them that he has a tracker and an explosive on him, and blows up the building. Chase celebrates that they are gone with a party at The Scratching Post, but Major tells him Russ stole Jordan’s gun and Chase makes an attempt on her life. Captain Seattle shoots back at him, and Chase kills him. Peyton prepares to fly to Washington, D.C. as the acting mayor, and her parents tell her not to come back. Liv and Levon bring Isobel’s mother into the city, but shortly after, Isobel dies.
57 12 “You’ve Got to Hide Your Liv Away” Jason Bloom Diane Ruggiero-Wright & John Bellina May 21, 2018 T27.13612 0.64[62]
Major kidnaps Liv and takes her to Oregon. They eat the brains of an old married couple, but the woman secretly hated the man leading Liv to lock Major in a caged area with two rabid zombies. Clive and Ravi work together in her absence to find the killer of a zombie-turned-human, which brings Brother Love to their attention. As they attempt to arrest him, one of his minions confesses to the murder. Chase threatens to execute Curtis unless Renegade steps forward, which makes Levon falsely confess to being Renegade to protect Liv and save Curtis’ life, but when Liv returns to New Seattle she confesses to being Renegade and Chase prepares to execute them both together. Ravi runs tests with Isobel’s brain and finds out that it produced a zombie cure, instead of a vaccine.
58 13 “And He Shall Be a Good Man” Dan Etheridge Rob Thomas May 28, 2018 T27.13613 0.74[63]
Chase prepares to execute Liv and Levon, while Ravi, Peyton and Clive all try to stop him. Major and Jordan work together to distract Fillmore-Graves, which leads them to move up the execution and do it silently. Liv’s associates release Levon’s documentary video on her work, which goes viral. Major, during the executions, breaks the door open and saves Liv’s life, killing Chase in the process. Major becomes the new commander of Fillmore-Graves, while Liv retires as Renegade. Ravi gives her Isobel’s brain and tells her that it is the zombie cure, however Liv decides to give it to Dale after she and Clive get married, in order for Clive to be able to become a father. Angus leads 1,000 zombies outside the wall, but the US Army shoots them all down and kills them. Major asks Blaine to bring brains into the city illegally, and also gives Liv permission to carry on with her Renegade actions. As Liv prepares to retire, she walks into her apartment lobby where a large amount of zombies and humans alike cheer her on. She decides to stay as Renegade while basking in the applause.

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