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Zombie Army poised to invade North America

There’s nowhere left to hide, North America. After initially creeping onto our shores digitally in March, Zombie Army Trilogy is now coming for our helpless store shelves. Rebellion’s grindhouse compilation has proven too powerful, too terrifying, and too awesome for our retailers to resist. Yes, nefarious UK developer Rebellion has announced it’ll unleash the power of Zombie Army Trilogy in physical form! Deadly disc mutations will be available in North America on July 21 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Afraid? You should be. Zombie Army Trilogy bundles the cult shooter series into an essential compilation, swelling its re-animated ranks with eye-popping remasters of Nazi Zombie Army 1 & 2 and an all-new blood-curdling third chapter. Also bolstering its unholy forces are a new Horde mode, new enemies, new player characters and, of course, a demonic zombie Führer.


Zombie Army Trilogy  is available for pre-order right now at a (literally) mind-blowing suggested retail price of $49.99. Fans who pre-order from  GameStop, Amazon.com ( Xbox One or  PS4) and  Best Buy will also get access to a digital comic designed by the team at 2000AD!

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