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Crytek reveals multiplayer monster shooter

By Chris Post

Those of you who paid attention in history class will remember that as the 1800s drew to a close, America was on the brink of a new era of technology and expansion. The Industrial Revolution, as it would be known, forever changed the country from an agrarian society to the Internet infused, gadget-filled world we know today.


But what you might not have known was that the entire world nearly came to an end at the hands of monstrous horrors once thought to be myth that rose and threatened to emerge from the globe’s murkiest recesses. At least that’s the guiding storyline behind Crytek’s new title “HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age.”

In the game, which features four-player co-op, you take on the role of a brave hunter going face to rotting face with these monstrous horrors. Promotional materials give the game a wild-west feel, and promise pulse-pounding excitement.

Steady your hand and brace yourself for pulse-pounding 4-player co-op action in HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age. Crytek’s third-person thriller turns you into both hunter and hunted as you unite with up to three other players and face an onslaught of bloodthirsty creatures together. As bullets dwindle and lamplight flickers, you’ll have to work strategically as a team to stay alive – especially when you track down jaw-dropping bosses with the brains and brawn to send you and your friends to an early grave. Hunt together or die alone, it’s up to you.


Furthermore, the game is designed with a special content generation system means the map and enemies you encounter could be different each time you play a level. Crytek also promises an “extensive character and weapon customization options that make every member of your hunting party distinct from one another. Just be sure the homebrewed weapons you’re packing make the creatures you encounter as horrified to see you as you are to see them.”

If you’re interested in signing up for the game’s beta stage you can do so at http://www.huntthegame.com/

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