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Musical of the Living Dead preparing for its first run outside Chicago

Brains and lots of them. This July, quirky and intelligent Wilmington, Delaware-based theater company Bootless Stageworks will bring the zombies out to play (and sing and dance).

“MUSICAL OF THE LIVING DEAD strikes a nice balance between the all-out gore fest of today’s zombie films and the over-the-top drama of musical theatre,” comments one reviewer at AVClub.com.


MUSICAL OF THE LIVING DEAD takes audiences on a rip-roaring journey beyond the grave with its satirical send-ups of classic zombie films and musical theater. The curtain opens on ten survivors of a recent zombie apocalypse, trapped in a farmhouse and willing to try anything to escape from a ravenous horde of brain-eating and dancing zombies. The show’s original songs cover a variety of styles from Gershwin to Green Day.

Until now, this hilarious take on a classic zombie movie has only been performed by its original Chicago-based theatre company, Cowardly Scarecrow. In just a few short weeks, Bootless will premiere the production – with book and lyrics by Marc Lewallen and Brad Younts and music by Mary Spray – for its first run outside of the Windy City.

“We are thrilled to have this opportunity,” said Bootless Executive and Artistic Director Rosanne DellAversano, “As a company who likes to push the envelope, Bootless is the perfect group to premiere the show beyond the confines of Cowardly Scarecrow.”


Creators Lewallen and Younts will be traveling to Wilmington the first week of the show to offer production assistance and participate in a Q&A after the first two shows.

MUSICAL OF THE LIVING DEAD is poised to join the ranks of a number of other highly successful “Bloody Summer Stage” productions the Wilmington company has hosted over the years including last year’s Texas Chainsaw Musical and the ever popular Evil Dead: the Musical which returns to the Bootless stage next summer. Splatter Zone tickets include advanced seating with a VIP entrance and private bar.

Most importantly, however, the Splatter Zone puts you at the “heart” of the story and provides audiences with a 4-D theater experience.

“This will be Bootless’ bloodiest and messiest show yet. And this time, it’s not just blood coming your way,” DellAversano said.

MUSICAL OF THE LIVING DEAD runs from July 11th through July 19th at The Black Box at OperaDelaware, 4 South Poplar Street, Wilmington, DE. Tickets on sale now. For more information about the show or to purchase tickets, please visit www.bootless.org/motld.

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