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Peaksel releases new monster shooter

While it is common for kids to play video games, it’s a bit unusual for them to design them. Rare as it might be, that’s the case with 11-year-old Luka Pavlovic, who came up with the idea and all the details for Peaksel’s new game “Monster Killer – Shooter Mayhem.”

The company was behind the game Zombies: Run Or Kill, released last year. In addition to zombies, the new game features a host of monsters and a wide variety of weapons and missions.

“My friends and I have watched so many movies about monsters, zombies, contract killers and we have always wanted to be in the middle of the action,” Pavlovic said. “Playing a game where we can take control, be the killer and destroy as many monsters as we want is the thing we have waited for so long. Finally we got that chance.”

According to information released by the company, “Monster Killer – Shooter Mayhem” is appropriate for both children and adults. It offers twelve different missions with the last being an endless mode where the goal of the player is to survive for as long as possible. On each level the player encounters a new monster type accompanied by all the monster types from the previous levels.

The gamemakers aim was to create an interesting set of features that make its gameplay very addicting and entertaining. First, the players have the option of choosing between one of the two heroes who will make the game seem like a real action movie. The characters must move to the right and to the left, because the monsters will be attacking from both sides. In addition, the players will be able to select one of the three bonus power features that can improve their character’s health, attack or defense. Furthermore, the player will be able to enjoy different background designs, fun catch phrases, as well as an amusing compilation of sound effects.

‘Monster Killer – Shooter Mayhem’ is now available for free on Google Play. Check it out:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.monsterkillershooter.coolshootinggame

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