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‘Zombie Hamlet’ coming soon to DVD

The All-Star comedy feature film, “Zombie Hamlet,” will be available exclusively on DVD from Level 33 Entertainment beginning on Dec. 31 at a suggested retail price of $14.99.

Following a successful film festival run, the movie sets its sights on entertaining audiences everywhere that DVDs are available for rental or sale by capitalizing on a uniquely funny story and a long list of recognizable names and faces including: Travis Wester, Jason Mewes (Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back), Emmy Award winner Shelley Long (“Cheers”), Vanessa Lee Evigan, with Emmy Award nominee John Amos (“Good Times”) and June Lockhart (“Lost In Space”).

Directed by John Murlowski, written by John McKinney, and produced by Tom Shell, Kristi Culbert and Ricki Maslar, “Zombie Hamlet” tells the story of first-time film director, Osric Taylor (Travis Wester), as he finally manages to get his dream movie financed, Shakespeare’s Hamlet, set against the epic backdrop of the American Civil War.

Osric heads to a small Louisiana town to start filming when his production funding unexpectedly dries up. With no other options, he agrees to accept southern matron Hester Beauchamp’s offer to finance his movie, as long as he throws some zombies into the film to attract a wider audience.

When Hester suddenly dies mid-shoot — and with the local sheriff and ambitious news reporter Shine Reynolds (Shelley Long) hot on his trail — Osric is thrust into one precarious and hilarious situation after another in a desperate attempt to keep “Zombie Hamlet” alive.

The film also includes original music composed by Jackson Rathbone (“The Twilight Saga”). The DVD will be available for purchase at major retailers including Amazon.com and available for rent at all major DVD rental outlets.

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