Equipping for disaster

Maintenance is key to preserving your gear

By Jake Sepulveda

Leather cracks, filters clog, blades get dull, and guns jam. There are a load of problems and issues can arise when gear isn’t properly maintained or repaired.

Whether you are actively using your gear or not, it should routinely be unpacked, cleaned, inspected, and repaired as needed. A good rule of thumb is that if it’s showing wear, give it some care… and this goes for everything. There’s no need to wait till a shoelace breaks or a seam rips before you reinforce or repair it. The same can be said for a slightly dulled knife or a loose latch on a security door. You’re goal is to prevent absolute failure, not wait around till it happens so you can attempt to repair it after the fact.

Performing routine maintenance on your gear and supplies will help ensure that everything is in proper working order when you need it most. Proper maintenance and preventative efforts can also help lengthen the overall  lifespan of both the equipment and yourself. If you learn how to take care of your gear inside and out, you just might have a fighting chance… though nothing is a guarantee.

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