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Zombie Exodus: Part V now available

Jim Dattilo and Choice of Games have announced the release of Zombie Exodus: Part V, the latest update of the text-based zombie game for mobile devices.

The game allows players to build their character and fight their way out of a zombie-filled city to save their sister in this interactive horror fiction story. As they Gather supplies and weapons while avoiding the military, bandits, and living dead, players’ choices alone control the story. Can they survive the zombie apocalypse?

In the classic style of text adventures which allow you to choose paths for your character, Zombie Exodus is an original story written and coded in ChoiceScript, created by Dan Fabulich of Choice of Games. It is a first person point-of-view story in which the plot progresses based on the user’s choices. The first release of Zombie Exodus consists of two parts and eight chapters, while future parts in the series will be released on a quarterly basis.

“I grew up reading interactive fiction and hosting roleplaying games with friends,” said Jim Dattilo, author of Zombie Exodus. “I created this game with a goal to give readers many choices to explore and to have them experience the terror and intensity of day 1 of an apocalypse. With the popularity of zombies exploding in recent years, I also wanted to bring back the horror and suspense of the genre with unique characters and a plot-driven story.”

Part V is the conclusion to the Zombie Exodus series is now available. It continues the story as players rebuild after a massive zombie attack on the Cathedral and assume the leadership role of the survivors.

On iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) or Android Devices

Part V is available as an in-app purchase costing 99 cents for a limited time (the price will go up in a few weeks). To obtain Part V, simply download the update and click Upgrade. To download Zombie Exodus, choose your app store:

On the Chrome Store

If you already own the app, the update is free. If you would like to buy it on Chrome, the app includes all five parts and may be played in the Chrome browser.

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