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Zombies: Run Or Kill sees new version released

Peaksel LLC, a company that has developed Zombies: Run or Kill game has released a new  version of their most famous zombie shooting game

The gameplay has remained the same – the shooter goes around with the gun and tries to shoot as much zombies as possible, while fulfilling different missions along the way. What has changed with this last update are those small bits of the game that contribute to the overall positive or negative feeling towards the game.

First, the game has new user interface and new app icon. The interface is now made to be more user-friendly, whereas the icon now meets these new higher standards. Secondly, there are a lot of new sound effects in the game that make the whole atmosphere more realistic. Finally, the zombie fighter is now constantly changing his facial expressions so the player can actually see when the zombie hurts him, which was not the case so far.

“If you liked the previous version of this game, you will like this new one even more! We are really glad that Zombies: Run or Kill has become such a popular game and that people all around the world are playing this shooter game, but we have noticed that the game is missing something. The little part that was missing were good sound effects, and now we hope that we have managed to improve that aspect of the game,” said Aleksandra, a project manager in Peaksel.

This improved version of the game is out, and zombie fans on Android devices can check the update here http://bit.ly/ZombiesRoKPR, whereas all iOS zombie fans can download this update here http://bit.ly/ZombiesRoKPRiOS.

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