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Action speller Zombie Typomaniac launches on iPhone

The folks of sleepy Spookville, Oregon have been over-run again by the undead horde. This time all they have to save them is a trusty iPhone and their SMS skills.

An entertaining take on the horror shooting genre, Zombie Typomaniac is a fast-paced action speller that pitches a player’s typing and texting skills against wave upon wave of offensive offbeat zombies.

It’s a compelling (spelling) test of nerves and skill. The player’s goal is to clear the town of its zombie infestation. Help comes courtesy of a variety of bonus health and weapon drops, but when the horde is bearing down it’s the player’s fast fingers which bring the firepower.

Gameplay modes include a compelling story mode across 28 levels, including 5 crazed boss characters, plus a special “survival mode” for the real killer elite.

App Store Link: 


Redeem codes available upon request


• Fast paced arcade shooter with an entertaining and simple gameplay mechanic. It’s text or be killed!

• 28 fun packed levels in story mode. Unlimited challenges in “survival mode”

• 5 bugged-out boss levels to clear through.

• Dynamic gameplay adapts the challenge to match up with a player’s skill level.

• Numerous power ups and health bonuses to pick up and use throughout.

• Unlock or purchase in-game up-to 20 outfits to be the best dressed zombie hunter in town.

• Play with either type or slide interface

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