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Zombie UFO drill held

As we reported in march, officials in Moscow, Idaho, were planning an emergency training exercise with the theme “Zombie UFO crash.” The exercise gained some attention when it appeared briefly on on a FEMA website listing upcoming events.

A small controversy arose among those who felt FEMA was wasting taxpayer money preparing for something as absurd as Zombie UFOs. The facts didn’t support the claims, however, as the event was not actually hosted, sponsored or funded by FEMA. The training exercise is actually held each year by volunteers who work in the emergency services departments of Moscow and surrounding communities.

Prior to the event, Moscow Fire Chief Ed Button told the local paper, The Moscow-Pullman Daily News, the theme for this year’s event was chosen because it was actually supposed to be less controversial than previous themes.

Button said in light of recent national events, he wanted to steer clear of former themes like a mass school shooting. Regardless of theme, the exercise remains generally the same: train volunteers firemen and first responders on how to respond to an emergency involving many injuries and casualties.

Local television news teams from KLEW were on hand to cover the event, which was deemed a success by those who took part.

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