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Yarn Zombies toy line launches at Comic-Con

Bringing zombies to real life and entertainment to the teen and tween market, Kids Preferred is launching a new brand this week at Comic-Con called “Yarn Zombies” (www.yarnzombies.com) – cute zombie collectibles and fashion accessories with special powers and features. Visit booth No. 4120 at Comic-Con in San Diego to view the first licensed Yarn Zombies collectibles known as JUJUz™, all with unique “mojo-protecting” special powers.

“If you think of Monty Python meets the Walking Dead meets Heroes, then you have the essence of the thrilling new Yarn Zombies collection,” said Laura Perks, co-founder of Kids Preferred. “We are delighted to offer a great collection for a more grown-up market and to give teens and tweens something that offers excitement, assurance and a lot of fun.”

Yarn Zombies, LLC was formed by toy veterans John Lee and Jerry Welch who are “dead serious” about bringing to market a fresh, entertaining-yet-believable perspective in defining the real zombie phenomenon and providing the antidote to the zombie disease. Lee founded Learning Curve Toys, Callaway Digital Arts and Bambini Partners, and Welch is former owner of FAO Schwarz and CEO of Zany Brainy and the Right Start.

“Our target audience is teens and tweens. They wake up every day full of teenage angst knowing that bad things happens – all the time. The JUJU keeps the bad mojo at bay. It’s kind of a good luck charm for the zombie-inclined,” Lee said. “It’s designed to make the kid feel empowered in a world they can’t control. It’s the antidote. Each JUJU is designed by and imbued with special powers to ward off ‘bad stuff’ that can ruin an otherwise good day.”

Kids Preferred, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of quality plush toys and gifts, now offers the unique line of “mojo-protecting” collectibles designed to help adolescents have more fun and less worry. With Yarn Zombies, Kids Preferred is reaching out to a new age group and category and offering additional product diversity. All Yarn Zombies are available on August 10 to wholesalers.

The first phase of licensed JUJUz designed by the Yarn Zombies, for grades 8 and up, includes:

FANGz, wards off late-night woes. Designed for anyone burning the midnight oil, this nocturnal creature protects against uncontrollable cat naps before lunch, excessive yawning and binges before breakfast.

ANITA wards off bad mojo that makes friends disloyal. She protects against bad breakups and bad blood between buddies.

BRAD AND ANGIE, the true love zombies who ward against “achy breaky hearts” and phones that won’t ring.

ROXY, wards against insanity and makes sure her owners don’t lose their heads or their cool. She’ll make sure you take a deep breath and remain confident in yourself.

LOBEz wards off bad things that can get in the way of education. If you don’t feel so cool about school, he will prevent naps during math class and keep you in the game.

COUNT wards against fear. When scary things creep up on you, whether it’s a blood-sucking geek, a surprise test or an angry parent, he will help you stay calm and in control.

SKIP, the gladiator, wards again cowardice and helps you be the warrior you know you are inside. He focuses on bravery and helping you rise up to meet any challenge.

MUFFY the beautiful, wards against feeling down about your own looks and helps teens redefine beauty, reminding everyone that they are beautiful just the way they are.

SOKz, the bipolar JUJU, wards against extremes. He helps you find that happy middle ground.

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