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Spoilers: Sneak peeks at The Walking Dead 314 “Prey”

As I suspected, The Walking Dead 313 “Arrow on the Doorpost” was a bit of a let down following the previous week’s episode. “Clear” was one of the best episodes of the series, so it was little wonder that this week would pale in comparison.

It’s not the first time, however, that The Walking Dead has followed a big episode with a lesser one. It’s almost like they’re letting us catch our breath or cleanse our pallet. With only three episodes remaining, we can probably expect some additional build up before the season finale.

What we see in our first clip is a scene at Woodbury where Tyrese and his sister have apparently been assigned to guard duty, but not because of there ability. Tyrese can’t hit a walker at 20 feet, even with a scope. The zombie is practically at the wall before he drops it, wasting three rounds in the process.

The second clip is a quick-cut montage that is all over the place. We see a lot more Tyrese, hinting that he could be moving closer toward series regular status. We also see that Andrea is still neck deep in trouble and possibly regretting her moment of weakness in the moonlight.

Our final clip expands on a brief scene from the second clip. It looks like Milton is trying to clear his conscience by showing some more of the governors little secrets. We don’t see what the purpose of the room is, but we can guess that it’s probably something sadistic.

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