Zombie television

Racist zombies: Another look

After Saturday Night Live spoofed AMC’s The Walking Dead with a jab at perceived racial undertones, it was interesting to see comedian Keegan-Michael Key as guest on The Talking Dead, AMC’s talk show that follows The Walking Dead’s broadcast.

Key and host Chris Hardwick referenced a sketch from Key’s Comedy Central Program “Key and Peele.” In the clip, Key and his partner (Jordan Peele) are shocked and appalled to learn that zombies in the apocalypse will not attack African Americans. Not only do they not attack, they move away and recoil from their presence.

Key told Hardwick that the sketch was, in fact, inspired by The Walking Dead and what he saw a “paucity of black zombies.” Key conceded that there have been zombies of color, but they seem to be under represented on the show.

I’ll stay out of the race debate, as I feel that zombies would be the most equal-opportunity of all monsters. The sketch is funny though. Check it out.


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