Zombie films

Why are Korean zombies so awesome?

Korean zombie films and television shows have gained popularity in recent years, in part due to their unique take on the genre. Here are some reasons why they are so good:

Strong Storytelling

Korean zombie films and shows often have a strong narrative that engages the audience with well-developed characters, compelling themes, and a clever twist on the zombie genre. For example, the film “Train to Busan” (2016) follows a father and his daughter as they try to survive a zombie outbreak on a train ride to Busan. The film explores themes of sacrifice, love, and family as the father tries to protect his daughter at all costs. The television show “Kingdom” (2019) follows a prince who investigates a mysterious plague that turns people into zombies. The show explores themes of power, politics, and social class as the prince tries to uncover the truth behind the outbreak.

High Production Value

Korean filmmakers and producers invest heavily in the production of their films and shows, resulting in high-quality special effects, set design, and cinematography. For example, “Train to Busan” features intense action sequences and impressive special effects, such as the zombie horde climbing over each other to reach their victims. “Kingdom” boasts stunning sets and locations, with intricate costume design and meticulous attention to detail in recreating medieval Korea.


Many Korean zombie films and shows blend the zombie genre with other genres, such as action, comedy, or drama, creating a unique and fresh take on the genre. For example, the film “Peninsula” (2020), which is a sequel to “Train to Busan,” combines the zombie genre with elements of heist and action films. The television show “Sweet Home” (2020) is a horror series that follows a group of people trapped in an apartment complex during a monster apocalypse.

Cultural Significance

Some Korean zombie films and shows explore cultural and societal issues, such as politics, class, and tradition, making them more than just zombie stories. For example, “Kingdom” explores the power struggle and class divide in medieval Korea. The film “The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale” (2019) is a comedy that satirizes modern Korean society’s obsession with beauty and youth.

Talented Casts

Korean films and shows feature some of the most talented actors and actresses, who are able to deliver convincing and emotional performances. For example, “Train to Busan” stars Gong Yoo, who is one of the most popular actors in Korea, and delivers a powerful performance as the father trying to protect his daughter. “Kingdom” stars Ju Ji-hoon, who has won numerous awards for his acting, and delivers a convincing performance as the prince trying to save his kingdom.

Overall, these factors combine to make Korean zombie films and shows stand out, providing a unique and engaging experience for audiences around the world.

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