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Chef turned author serves up apocalypse cookbook

By Courtney Cole 

When a zombie apocalypse hits, what would you eat to survive? Would you be prepared and have food in storage or would you have to scavenge and risk losing your life? Lauren Wilson is the perfect person to give readers tips on what to eat through a zombie apocalypse. “The Art of Eating Through the Zombie Apocalypse” is one of Lauren’s books that shows readers and aspiring cooks how to take a step into zombie inspired recipes. 

Author Lauren Wilson explores culinary options for the end of the world in her book “The Art of Eating Through the Zombie Apocalypse”

Lauren never really had the intentions of actually becoming an author on a book about zombie recipes. She was always a nerd at heart when it came to zombies, but also when it came to food. So how did she turn out to be the author of a zombie cookbook? She credits one of her friends with the suggestion. 

Lauren had always been fascinated with zombies, but her true obsession came from the video game Resident Evil. It was her first time picking up the video game controller and by playing that video game it led her to writing another book. Not only was Lauren obsessed with zombies, but she is a trained chef. 

Earlier before her career started as an author she was working in Toronto as a chef and kept the idea of the cookbook within her mind for the long run. Moving to New York in 2010, Lauren had come across some free time and with the Walking Dead television show finally in existence, she began to write. Not only was this a big transition from cooking to writing but it was a start of something amazing. 

“To be clear, there are no recipes containing zombies in this book.” Lauren says.

Lauren’s favorite meal within her book would be the mealworm fried rice. She talks about how it is very scary dealing with the actual bugs that the recipe calls for but at the end it is worth it because it is delicious. 

This book is not only for top ranked chefs, but for anyone who enjoys making scary dishes that are fun as well. Even if they don’t help you fully survive a zombie apocalypse it is always good to know some delicious recipes.

Lauren is a bestselling author and a freelance writer. She is the author of “The Art of Eating Through the Zombie Apocalypse” and “The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook & Survival Guide.”

You can find her online at laurenmwilson.com

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