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Amalgama: Space Zombie Volume 1 coming to ComiXology

The debut volume of AMALGAMA: SPACE ZOMBIE features the fan favorite character with the combined powers of DollFace, Vampblade and Zombie Tramp now in her own Danger Doll universe series.

After the events of  her origin mini-series, AMALGAMA LIVES!, Amalgama is cast out into space and begins an epic journey into explosive sci-fi grindhouse action.

According to a release from Action Lab Entertainment: “This Danger Zone series made its Kickstarter goal 12 hours after launching thanks to the dedicated fans of the Danger Doll universe. The book is written by Jason Martin (VAMPBLADE, DANGER DOLL SQUAD) with art by Winston Young (ZOMBIE TRAMP,  VAMPBLADE) and takes the character into all new gloriously f***ed-up corners of the Danger Doll universe!”

Martin said fans of the previous series will have a lot to look forward to with the new character.

“Amalgama has taken on a life of her own, so we’re really excited to let her carve out her own cosmic adventures within our established universe,” he said. “Not only that, but with the series being a blend of genres, and the character herself a combination of other characters, that will make her book truly unique and really fun! Not just to write, but also for fans that love what we’ve done with characters like Zombie Tramp, DollFace and Vampblade, as well as for fans of anti-heroes, iconic slashers, and alien killing machines!! Part Lobo, part Pennywise, part Predator… Amalgama has it all!”

The first trade of AMALGAMA: SPACE ZOMBIE will be available on comiXology this Wednesday, 4/15/2020. It will collect the first four issues. Pre-order the collection digitally here. Also be on the lookout for the sequel series, AMALGAMA: SPACE ZOMBIE: GALAXY’S MOST WANTED, out later this year

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