Equipping for disaster

Woman steals truck to escape zombie attack

By Sevanny Campos

Let it be known that claiming to escape from the zombie apocalypse is not a good excuse to give to police when being arrested.

An Oklahoma woman is behind bars after she stole a delivery truck, in order “escape zombies.”

WLS 890AM, reported on that Oklahoma resident Tamanda Billings got into the driver seat of  bottled water delivery truck in the parking lot of a Walmart in Sapulpa, OK.

Luckily, the woman had zero experience in driving a truck and was still trying to put the vehicle into gear with the authorities arrived.

Billings, initially locked the doors when the driver of the vehicle tried to return. She told him through the closed windows that she needed the vehicle to flee from zombies.

Needless to say the excuse did not work out as Billings was taken into custody and charged with an attempted car theft and trespassing.

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