Zombie television

Are the White Walkers zombies?

By Sevanny Campos

We all saw the dimly-lit third episode in final season of Game of Thrones.  And we all saw The Night King, manage his never ending army with simply just his thoughts. We saw the tireless wight continue to fight and spread destruction, While it is apparent that wights  are the Game of Thrones versions of zombies, when can argue that so are the white walkers.

For those who are casual fans of Game of Thrones, the book or series, White Walkers are the biggest threat to Winterfell. Author, George RR Martin describes them in Game of Thrones chapter 24, “A different sort of Life inhumane elegant dangerous.”

Martin has stated that the White Walkers are not dead, however that does not mean they are not Undead. In the third book of the series, Storm of Swords, the author describes the Night King’s queen (another white walker) with blue eyes and pale skin and a corpse due to her cold white skin.  

The white walkers seem to have a moderate sense of autonomy however they mostly act on the will of the Night King. I argued that the white walkers are not fully alive, not fully autonomous therefore they could be seen as a species of zombies.

The race known as the white walkers resembles the Nazi zombies species, not for their intent to eradicate parts of the human race, rather this type of zombie is more of a super soldier that can withstand several blows and are virtually indestructible.

Viewers were first introduced to Nazi zombies in the films Shockwave and Zombie Lake and several films have since carried on the species of zombie. The zombies are intelligent and somewhat autonomous much like the white walkers.

In the book series, Songs of Fire and Ice (Game of Thrones), there is many references to the origins of the white walkers. They were created by the Children of the Forest as a weapon to combat the First Man, however the white walkers turned on them. This also resembles the zombie Nazi origin, as though zombies were created as super soldiers.

It is unclear whether the white walkers multiply due to birth or procreation, but in the series and books it is mentioned that the species of white walkers is over 8000 years old. It is safe to assume that white walkers are created and white walkers could be the kidnapped babies taken from the people of Winterfell. This also falls in line with the characteristics of a zombie.

While it is hardly likely that this argument will become a reputable academic dissertation, it is fun to think about this particular theory. It’s great that. Game of Thrones is willing to explore all aspects of fantasy and horror.

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