Zombie films

Dave Bautista signs on to Zack Snyder zombie film

By Sevanny Campos

Zack Snyder’s upcoming zombie film Army of the Dead just signed one of the biggest names in professional wrestling and action movies, Dave Bautista, to its cast.

According to Deadline, Bautista, has signed a deal to star in the Netflix-produced zombie movie.

Since leaving the WWE, Bautista has excelled and flourished in blockbuster films. He plays Drax, one of the superheroes in Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: End Game, providing a warrior and comic relief for the films.

While his role in the zombie heist film is not yet known, according to Slash Gear, Bautista is said to have a starring role in the production.

Army of the Dead is an original zombie film produced by Netflix. It is directed and written by Zack and Deborah Snyder. It takes place in Las Vegas following the zombie apocalypse where an eclectic group of mercenaries makes a plan to travel into the quarantine zone in order to pull off a mega heist.

This will be Snyder’s first film project since stepping away from the production of Batman versus Superman. This will also be Dave Bautista’s first film in the zombie genre.

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