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Despite lower ratings, Walking Dead coming back for season 10

By Sevanny Campos

Despite its low ratings during season 9,  The Walking Dead has been renewed for another season. It is important to note, however, the AMC show is the highest rated program for the network — even with its lower ratings.

In recent seasons, several cast members have left the show including the program’s central character, Andrew Lincoln. Yet there seems to be no plan to end the show. In fact, Lincoln is set to come back for three movies to expand the world of The Walking Dead.

On Feb. 21, The Walking Dead experienced its lowest rating with the episode Omega. According to The Wrap, the episode drew in 4.54 million viewers, down 12 percent from the mid season premiere the previous week.

However, this isn’t a reflection on The Walking Dead as a whole, according to TV Series Finale. In fact, there is a decline in audience numbers throughout all cable shows.

With the ninth season just ending on March 31,  fans don’t have to wait too long for the show’s return. The Walking Dead is set to return later in 2019.

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