Zombie television

Details emerge on Rick Grimes movies

By Sevanny Campos

In November, Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, ended his time on the AMC’s zombie drama The Walking Dead. However, NME confirmed shortly after that the character would be returning for 3 spin-off movies.

When speaking on The Talking Dead, Lincoln assured fans, that Rick’s return is not the beginning of the end. But “the end of the beginning.”

The three film’s will explore the expand on the rest of the world following the zombie apocalypse, through the eyes of Rick Grimes and his adventures.

At the 2019 Wondercon convention, The Walking Dead boss Scott Gimple gave fans an update on Rick’s journey in the upcoming films.  

He told Digital Spy, “Right now 2020 is a big year for The Walking Dead universe in general and the shows. It’s the beginning of our next decade so we are kicking off in style.”

Yet while making this promise to the fans in attendance at Wondercon, Gimple gave no news on of when filming would begin or a firm release date.

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