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Fear the Walking Dead trailer drops

By Sevanny Campos

The first trailer for Fear The Walking Dead season 5  has finally been released and it is a lengthy one. The group returns in semi truck sending a positive message to any survivors, saying help is on the way.  

But like anything in The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead,  all good plans go south when zombies are involved. Throughout the railer there was chaos and decay as the group faces new fears and uncharted territory.

At WonderCon,  fans were told by executive producer Alan Goldman,  the return of Daniel Salazar, who’s final moments in season 3 saw him in an explosion that sent him flying into a river.  Digital Spy reported that Salazar would be making a return in season 5.

Goldberg said that the reason they brought back Salazar was to explore the “unfinished business”, seeing as the characters “know each other on a fundamental level”.

During the trailer, Salazar did make an appearance, holding Victor Strand at gunpoint.  

While at Wondercon, Digital Spy and other fans in attendance sat down with the actor that played Daniel Salazar, Ruben Blades, and Colman Domingo actor who plays Victor strand to discuss their return to the show.

“What’s interesting is that we are coming back together, we are seeing where our journeys have taken us. Will it still be fraught? We still have history,” Domingo said. “We are some of the rare characters who have history. We’re the only ones we’ve got, in some way.”

Per usual, there was some comedic relief in the trailer with a great line about accordion playing and  love and friendship but mostly it was a trailer filled with dilemma, guns and zombies. Several surprising old faces return for the fifth season of the show. Fear the Walking Dead returns on June 2 on AMC.

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