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Last Kids on Earth coming to Netflix

By Sevanny Campos

“Last Kids on Earth” has a large grown up cast. The best selling zombie novel, is on it way to becoming a Netflix animated series. According to Deadline magazine, the animated series will feature the voices of Mark Hamill, Bruce Campbell and Rosario Dawson among others to voice the series.  

The books series “Last Kids on Earth” is about the a group of middle school teenagers lead by the main character Jack Sullivan. The friends live in a massive tree house complete with video games and large amounts of candy. Following the zombie apocalypse, the friends also battle zombies for a living. The book series is entertaining and funny, with children cracking wise, sarcastic jokes, great zombie hunting equipment, and of course, crazy zombies.

Along with the announcement of the animated the series,Penguin Random House has announced the fifth book in the series is scheduled come out Sept. 17. The book will be titled, “The Last Kids on Earth and the Midnight Blade.” According to Deadline the author of the book, Max Brailler, will join the animated series as a creator and executive producer.

The series will launch in the later part of 2019.  

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