Equipping for disaster

Bouillon: Survival Soup

By Jake Sepulveda

Compact, easy to prepare, light-weight and full of flavor, bouillon can be a life saver and a welcome treat during a survival situation like a Zombie attack or outbreak… especially when you’re on the move.

While it doesn’t pack a lot of nutrients, bouillon boasts high levels of both sodium and fat, two things that can keep you going, energized and hydrated (moderate levels of sodium help the body retain moisture) in an emergency situation, over night camping trip, or when you’re out scavenging for the day. Plus, who doesn’t like a warm cup of soup after a day spent battling the undead?

Available in a wide variety of flavors as dried crystals, compressed cubes and paste, bouillon is an inexpensive and readily available resource for anyone looking to be one step ahead of the next disaster situation or Zombie outbreak. As an added bonus bouillon can be prepared with either hot or cold water, and even eaten straight… though we recommend you water it down when you can.

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