Zombie films

Five zombie films to watch on Valentine’s Day

By Sevanny Campos

Yes, there are great undead love stories, other than Warm Bodies. The zombie apocalypse is a fantastic way to find love. Impending doom and the idea of becoming an undead beast’s main course really put things into perspective. Until then if watching “50 Shades Freed” for the eight time causes reaction of tearing out someone’s large intestine here a some great zombie alternatives to enjoy Valentine’s Day with a living significant other.

1 “Pride, Prejudice and Zombies”

Based on the best selling book of the same title, PPZ is set in the Regency Era in England where a zombie apocalypse is underway. Much like the original “Pride and Prejudice” book and film, the movie tells the story of the Bennet family and Mr. Darcy obviously. However instead of arguing over petticoats and manners, each character’s winning attribute is the ability to slay zombies.

Even as they enjoy a lovely evening dance, the heroes cannot escape the undead and in dresses and stays, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet take down the zombies who have eaten the kitchen staff. The pair falls in love, Regency style mixed with martial arts and zombies.

Available on demand on Amazon Prime, YouTube and iTunes.

2. “My Boyfriend’s Back”

Johnny Dingle is the school nerd who has an undying love for Missy McCloud. Dingle arranges for a fake robbery to take place where he will swoop in and save the day surely this will gain the attention of his love however his plan backfires Johnny is shot. As he is dying he manages to convince Missy to be his prom date. So much is the power of love That Johnny returns from the dead and tries to integrate into his life and conquer the heart of Missy McCloud.

This is an older movie it came out in 1993  and it is one of the great original Disney Channel movies. While there isn’t a zombie apocalypse it is still extremely entertaining to watch this teenage boy go through the struggles of being a teenager and falling in love while trying to control his cannibalistic desires.

Available on demand on Amazon Prime, YouTube and iTunes.

3. “Burying the Ex”

This film stars Anton Yedlin and Ashley Green. Max (Yedlin) and Evelyn (Green) are a really great looking couple except for the fact that Evelyn is controlling. So obviously they decide to move in together and swear in front of a satanic genie that they will be together forever.

Following a big argument over Evelyn’s disregard towards him, Max decides to break up with her. On her way to meet him, Evelyn is hit by a bus and dies in the arms of Max. She returns from the dead as a thinking they are still together, only Max has moved onto Olivia.

This is a love triangle featuring a zombie. Greene is probably the most beautiful zombie i have ever seen even when she is consuming human flesh. Yedlin’s character is a fan of horror memorabilia and there are some really great stuff featured in the move. As a Valentine’s Day movies it’s great, Olivia and Max are adorable. As a zombie film it is great because the main character literally wants to chop his ex girlfriend’s head off.  

Available on demand on Amazon Prime, YouTube and iTunes.

4. “Life after Beth”

Zach is Is absolutely devastated after his girlfriend Beth dies. She begins to seek comfort Beth’s parents but eventually even they stop contacting Zach turns out Beth crawled out of her grave and returned to her parents house I don’t know where that she’s dead. Zach is  ecstatic to find out that his beloved Beth is still alive however she’s a bit different she can’t go out during the day because she begins to develop blisters on her face. Beth develops a temper, And begins to act irrational soon several other people in the town are starting to act similar and people that have been long dead are starting to reappear.

While this movie starts off as similar to “Burying the Ex”, it turns into a zombie apocalypse film rather quickly.  Granted there is still a love story in the film but while Zach has some affection for Beth he is more concerned about staying alive and not having his brains eaten. This is a great film and Aubrey Plaza is hilarious as Beth.

Available on demand on Amazon Prime, YouTube and iTunes.

5. April Apocalypse

Artie has lived next door to April for many years but has never had the courage to tell her how he feels, now all of a sudden April is moving away. This news destroys Artie and for the next three years he is depressed. Eventually the sadness subsides and Artie decides to go searching for April. On his way she crashes his car and wakes up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Fueled for his love and his determination to find April, he will to whatever it takes to find his beloved which includes destroying zombies.

 This movie is more about Artie and his quest to have courage and his determination to find his love. He is almost heroic in this movie and it is extremely entertaining to watch.

Available on demand on Amazon Prime, YouTube and iTunes.

*honorable mention*

“Warm Bodies”

Julie is the daughter of the head of the military and they are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. As she is blowing up the brains of the zombies around her, the narrator of the film who is actually a zombie, falls in love with her at first sight. After the zombie rescues, her Julie finds out his name is R and gradually they fall in love and are determined to be together while finding a cure for the undead.

this is the zombie movie answer to Romeo and Juliet. Nicholas Hoult plays the most attractive zombie second to Ashley Greene from “Bury an Ex”.

And while this film is vastly overrated, for day that is specifically for love , there is not a more appropriate movie to watch.

Available on demand on Amazon Prime, YouTube and iTunes.

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