Equipping for disaster

WD-40: The miracle mixture

By Jake Sepulveda

Applied directly to blades and other melee weapons, an ample coating of WD-40 can help keep the grime and gore of everyday survival from building up and weakening your weapons and tools… not to mention helping them slide more easily into any Zombie skulls they happen to come into contact with. A coating of WD-40 will also help to reduce and remove water damage and rust from materials and tools as well as hardware and machinery like generators, Bug Out Bikes, engines, and more.

You can even spray a small amount onto the surface of cloth, small sticks, or other small burnable material for use as a fire-starter. WD40 is HIGHLY flammable and should only be used as a last resort for fire-starting.

With over 2000 official uses listed by WD40.com, and the many more that are added on a daily basis, the number of survival and every day applications of this miracle mixture goes on and on. From common things like maintenance, rust removal and lubrication, to lesser known uses like weatherization, dissolving glues, and as a fire-starter as mentioned before, WD-40 truly is an easy to find and use tool that’s there for you no matter what you’re going through… Zombie outbreak or not.

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