Equipping for disaster

Supplies can be anywhere, so look before you leave

By Jake Sepulveda

Whether you’re out on the road or stuck in place during a survival situation or after a major disaster like a Zombie outbreak or attack, take the time to fully search your surroundings.

As long as you take the time to look, most locations can offer up a wide variety of supplies and gear for survival use. Keep your eyes out for for everything from lashing, to cutting tools, containers for water collection, items for weaponry, and more. And don’t just look in obvious places like up a tree for fruit or on a shelf for tools. Check waste bins, dark corners, stream beds, etc.

There are plenty of stories of would-be survivors so anxious to leave wreckage, find their way out of the wilderness, or escape the snapping jaws of a Zombie that they missed a vital piece of equipment like a two-way radio, signal flare, medical kit, or even food and water… eventually resulting in or contributing to their death.

So take a few moments to look around you when you can and snatch up any critical supplies you might find. You never know when it might come in handy and save your life.

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