Equipping for disaster

Up, up and away to escape the undead

By Jake Sepulveda

The ability to climb a chain link fence, hop a cinder-block wall, scale a set of stairs, or work your way up a ladder is one thing, but climbing a rock face, tree, muddy incline or surface of a building is a whole other world.

Because most Zombies have difficulty climbing due to a lack of focus or muscle control, high ground is often safe ground… as long as you have supplies or can get back down again to get them. Actively building your skill set and conditioning by practicing the art and exercise of rock-climbing can help strengthen your core, fine motor skills, and micro-muscles, in addition to strengthening your over all endurance and fortitude.

Trust us, you’ll feel a whole lot safer with the Zombies 30 feet below you, rather than right at your toes. With a bit of practice and supervision you can be up and over all sorts of obstacles in no time. Remember to always practice safe climbing habits and to never go alone. Free climbing can be very dangerous. Having a fellow climber with you can mean the difference between life and death should you fall.

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