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Capcom releases a zombie scented candle with RE 2 remake

By Dakota Cantwell

Merchandise for games has always been a little odd depending on the game, but Capcom is looking to up the game with the soon-to-be-released Resident Evil 2 remake.

Capcom collaborated with Numskull to create the zombie scented candle that is “Scented with the smell of a rotting zombie.”

According to Numskull’s website “Following the success of our scented candles range, this is truly a one of a kind collectible for fans of the world’s best survival-horror franchise. With the curious, distinctive scent of the undead, this is an incredibly unique collectible that deserves its place in every fan’s home. Only the bravest of Raccoon City residents light it up while playing Resident Evil 2 for that immersive smell of a deadly zombie horde!”

This official Capcom product is handmade in the UK, comes in a collectible tin and it supposed to burn for 40 hours of rotting flesh goodness.

The Resident Evil 2 zombie candle costs $24.99 in the US store and is available on the Numskull website.

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