Zombie television

Sarah Wayne Callies shares message about TWD through Instagram

By Dakota Cantwell

Sarah Wayne Callies, better known as Lori Grimes to fans of “The Walking Dead”, recently shared a heartfelt message about her experience on the show through her Instagram feed.

“The told me not to do #TheWalkingDead. Most of the people who represented me suggested I turn it down” she wrote, looking back on when she was first offered the role. “It would be a giant pay cut, no one had ever done zombie tv, and I was being courted to star in a different show – bigger part, more money. It was good advice, but sometimes you have to ignore good advice.”

Callies only spent 3 seasons of the show as a recurring character, but through her family, both on screen and off, her spirit as lived on.

“I felt strongly about the material. I chose to listen to myself. And it changed my life” Callies said.

Though, at times, the fans of the show did not enjoy the character of Lori, Callies found a set of people she could call friends.

“That decision gave me an incredible experience and some of my best friends in the world.” She said “It’s helpful to surround yourself with people who can give you advice. But it’s just as important to make your own true north and have the courage to follow it.”

Since her time on TWD, Callies has reprised her role on “Prison Break” for a special revival episode and she appeared on USA’s series “Colony.”

With more on the way, including a miniseries “Unspeakable”, Callies still looks back fondly on her time with TWD.

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