Zombie films

Top 5 Non-Zombie Movies useful in the Zombie Apocalypse

By M.L. Lewis

We all love zombie movies, but we all have that one friend who hates zombies. They say their gross, or dumb, but we love them too much to toss them out a window. So, when one of these negative nellies show up at your movie night these movies will entertain them at the same time as teach you valuable zombie survival skills.
5. Contagion
Contagion is about a viral pandemic sweeping the globe killing people at an alarmingly high rate. It’s enjoyable because you can see how different people face the crisis. You got a father protecting his child after his ex-wife dies of the virus, two CDC doctors trying to curb the spread of the virus as another scientist works on the cure, and a vlogger who believes the whole thing is a government conspiracy. The film teaches a lot about medical science and what the CDC and WHO would do in the event of a global pandemic.

4. Book of Eli
This is a nuclear post-apocalyptic film starring Denzel Washington, Mila Kunis, and Gary Oldman. Denzel plays a man named Eli who is taking the last known Bible in existence to the west coast. This film showcases the importance of religion in the apocalypse and how far people will go to protect what they believe. Even if you’re not religious all you got to do is take a look into history and see how important religion was in shaping it.

3. The Purge
Not exactly a post-apocalyptic film, but I feel it’s close enough. The film takes place in a dystopian America where one day a year all crime is legal for twelve hours. This film showcases human behavior in the event when no emergency services are available to the public.

When the zombie raise you better believe society will break down as emergency personnel will focus more on their families than their jobs. Law and order will become a thing of the past as roving gangs will stop at nothing to steal anything you
got for survival.
2. The Day After Tomorrow
This is a climate change doomsday film. It’s about a climatologist named Jack Hall who is trying to warn the UN about a series of environmental disasters he discovered while studying ice flows in the Arctic. Unfortunately, his warnings go unnoticed by everyone including his son Sam. Soon after he made his predictions everything he said starts happening and a super ice storm forms in the north, trapping his son and a group of his friends in New York where the heart of the storm is about to hit.

Now, Jack is traveling to New York from Philadelphia on foot, fighting his way through the harsh elements. Despite being a good movie, this film teaches you a lot about meteorology and the importance weather patterns can play on your survival.

1. Red Dawn
I know it’s not a doomsday movie, but it’s still worth mentioning. The film is about two brothers who live in sleepy Spokane, Washington. Then one morning they wake up to see North Korea invading their community and flee to the surrounding woods to hide from the invaders. While in hiding they meet a group of survivors and decided to partner up with them and form a resistance team called the Wolverines.

This film is important because it shows what a Martial Law scenario would look like in this country. Martial law is always a last-ditch effort used by the government to control the population better and help officials obtain some law and order to an unstable area. The last time in U.S. History martial law was declared was during the civil war, so the government wouldn’t use it unless absolutely necessary for the survival of the country.

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