Zombie films

‘Blade’ meets zombies in new ‘Johnny Zombie’ trailer

By Dakota Cantwell

“Johnny Z” brings “Blade” into a new genre of monster, creating a zombie, kung-fu, action flick.

According to IMDB “Johnny Z is a horror-action feature film about a half human, half zombie named Johnny who, under the guidance of a martial arts master seeks vengeance on the evil corporation that created him.”

The film will be directed by Jonathan Straiton, who’s only other film experience includes “Night of Something Strange,” choosing to focus on action over comedy this time around.

According to MovieWeb “Johnny Z demonstrates many different forms of martial arts and is Straiton’s first bilingual film where both the main actors speak English and Spanish.”

The film stars Michael Merchant as Johnny who is known for his work in “Night of Something Strange” and Felix Cortes as Jonray who has done stunt work on Marvel’s “Daredevil” and “The Punisher.” The film also stars Jason Delgado, David E Mcmahon, Ellie Church, Wayne W Johnson, and Trey Harrison.

The teaser trailer dropped on Nov. 20 and is set to begin its festival run in the spring of 2019.

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