zombie events

New VR Zombie Apocalypse experience in Orlando

By Dakota Cantwell

Nomadic VR, a San Rafael, Cali. based company, will open its first VR zombie apocalypse location in a 5000-square-foot space at Pointe Orlando by the end of November with plans to open other locations in Las Vegas and Los Angeles soon.

Customers can join in with up to 3 friends as they fight their way through an onslaught of the undead.

Players will wear VR goggles and a backpack-like processor before stepping into a physical space where the real objects will interact with the VR.

An example of the interaction includes sets of fans used to generate breezes as players step into a VR desert scene.

The suit will also include a plastic gun to fire virtual bullets at the hordes of zombies swarming the group.

The game will cost $25 for approximately 15 minutes of gameplay.

The gameplay style is based upon a zombie apocalypse virtual game “Arizona Sunshine.”

The company is looking to add new courses in the near future.

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