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Top 5 Potential Zombie Shows

By Chris Post

The CW’s iZombie will finish next spring after five seasons and the end could be near for other zombie television shows like Z Nation and (with the departure of series lead Andrew Lincoln) maybe even The Walking Dead.

Netflix is developing Kingdom, a period piece set in feudal Korea, but what other zombie shows could there be? Here are our Top 5 picks for potential zombie television shows.

5. Newsflesh

This series is by Mira Grant and begins as journalist Georgia Mason reports on (and uncovers a conspiracy to undermine) a presidential campaign taking place 20 years after a zombie virus is unleashed on mankind. Grant describes the series as “a story about blogging, politics, medical science, espionage, betrayal, the ties that bind, the ties that don’t, how George Romero accidentally saved the world, and, of course, zombies.” It’s a rare type of zombie story in that people are aware of zombies from pop culture (i.e. zombie movies exist in the story’s world). It’s also one in which the zombie apocalypse doesn’t actually end society.

4. White Flag of the Dead

Joseph Talluto’s series is nine books long, giving plenty of source material for a series. The events of each book could be adapted into a season of a show, giving producers almost a decade worth of ideas. The principal action follows John Talon and his, Jake, as they deal with the aftermath of the Enillo Virus. The virus killed millions in its first wave and then millions more when the plague victims rose from the dead as ravenous killing monsters. Gritty and well-researched, this series would likely be warmly received by fans of The Walking Dead.

3. Extinction Parade

This Max Brooks comic pits vampires against zombies and seems like it would be perfect for television (or at least a streaming service.) In fact, it was announced in 2014 that a television series was being developed, but nothing ever followed. For those unfamiliar, Extinction Parade reveals that vampires are real and have been living off humans for ages. Their lifestyle is upended, however, when a zombie virus begins corrupting their food supply.

2. Rot and Ruin

From Bram Stoker-prize-winning author Jonathan Maberry, this series features a cast of teenage characters who would be right at home on the CW network. The story focuses primarily on Benny Imura, a 15-year-old whose job is to venture into the zombie-infested wastelands (called the Rot and Ruin) and dispatch the undead. With four novels, a collection of short stories and a comic book adaptation, this is one that also has a staggering amount of source material for the writers to use in crafting a series.

1. World War Z

For this one, we’re talking about adapting the book, not the film of the same name. While the film was a good zombie movie, it shared very little in common with its namesake. Taking a more true-to-the-source-material approach, this would be a fantastic project for a Netflix anthology series. Because the book’s sections feature different characters in different locations, each could be broken down into its own 90-minute episode and filmed as a small movie. Netflix could do one chapter per season and and have seven seasons worth of material.


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