zombie art

Eibon Press preparing for release of Zombie #6

By Chris Post

Fans of Lucio Fulci’s classic zombie films cam experience a continuation of the movies with Eibon Press’s comic book adapdation.

Issue 6 of the series is set for release on June 8 and will feature more than just a comic. The Signature and Psycho Editions come with a comic book soundtrack CD featuring an all new original score by Dave Neabore as well the return of Zombie star Ian McCulloch reprising his role as Peter West. In a nod to the film’s connection to 70s and 80s horror, the soundtrack is also available on cassette tape.

If the comic book and accompanying soundtrack isn’t enough to pique the interest of zombie fans, Eibon Press is also sweetening the release with the inclusion of a limited series of collector trading cards.

Issue 6 of the comic (along with others in the series and additional titles) are not available in stores. To order a copy, fans will need to visit the publisher’s website at www.eibonpress.com.


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