Zombie television

Cohan to return to The Walking Dead: ‘more Maggie story to tell’

By Chris Post

The Walking Dead’s season 8 finale seemed to set up a major story line for Maggie Rhee, but it wasn’t at all clear that actress Lauren Cohan would be back to reprise the role in season 9.

Cohan’s contract expired at the conclusion of season 8 and she was holding out for a pay raise. In the meantime, she filmed a movie and shot a television pilot for the ABC show “Whiskey Cavalier.”

This week, while promoting the film “Mile 22,” Cohan spoke with Entertainment Weekly and confirmed her return to the zombie series.

“I’m going back,” she told the magazine. “There’s a lot more Maggie story to tell.”

It appears that Cohan has signed a limited contract with AMC to appear in six of the eight episodes in the first half of The Walking Dead’s ninth season. If the pilot for Whiskey Cavalier is not picked up as a series, further episodes of The Walking Dead might be added to the contract.

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