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Walking Dead alum Lew Temple returns in virus thriller ‘Feral’

By Chris Post

His run as Axel on The Walking Dead didn’t make it through all of season 3, but it appears that Lew Temple is getting a second chance at surviving the apocalypse.

feral posterTemple will appear in the IFC Midnight thriller “Feral,” which is set for U.S. release on May 25 both in theaters and on video on demand.

The film, which also stars Scout Taylor Compton as Alice and Olivia Luccardi as Jules, is set it the remote wilderness where a group of medical students have gone for a weekend camping getaway. Unbeknownst to them, something is lurking in the woods.

What that something is will likely resurrect the debate on just what is and is not a zombie. The issue has divided fans of the genre since the release of Danny Boyle’s “28 Days Later.”

As with the earlier film, Feral’s monsters are people who are bitten and infected with a virus that turns them into brutal killing machines. From what we see in the previews, Feral’s creatures are very much the fast-moving, running and jumping kind of creatures spawned by 28 and its ilk. A caveat here is that the virus is dormant during the day, so the creatures only come out at night.

Temple appears in Feral as Talbot, a backwoods hermit who seems to at least know something about what’s going on in the forest. Of course, it doesn’t appear that anybody is going to listen to his advice, but what kind of movie would it be if they did?


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