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Zombeavers review: WTF Did I just watch?

By Margot Allemand

MV5BNTMzMzc4ODc1M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTM0MTgxMTE@._V1_UY1200_CR90,0,630,1200_AL_Many of us often wander through the virtual aisles on Netflix, looking for some movie or show to grab our attention. This is exactly what I did today as I stumbled upon a zombie movie called “Zombeavers.” The name sounds intriguing and makes you wonder about the story line… so I clicked.

Zombeavers is horror/comedy released in 2014 with a pretty simple plot; three sorority girls on a gateway weekend encounter zombie beavers aka zombeavers. This is it guys, this is when you know you have once again lost yourself on Netflix.

To my fellow readers, because I respect you and the zombie fan community, I will advise you to not watch this movie if you have high zombie movie expectations. However, I will recommend it to you if you want a good laugh.

The movie opens with the weirdest conversation between two guys: one of them is apparently disappointed that one of his friends is refusing for him to defecate inside his house, which seems to be pretty normal to them. But this is when you need to keep watching if you want some more of this absurd scene.

If this doesn’t set the tone of the movie, I do not know what does. Overall throughout the entire movie, the conversations are pretty simple, which makes every character in the movie sound like an imbecile. Let’s just say you could take a bathroom break and could still come back without having missed anything relevant.

One thing that will most likely make you laugh is the obvious lack of special effects zombiber-main_imagebudget. Although you will see that they tried their best, the beavers look like they were taken straight out of the Muppet Show. Because as we zombie lovers love a bloody movie, you will probably love watching how the blood flows so unrealistically (which add to the comic aspect of this movie).

If you are into a little bit of nudity you could find some interest in this movie, although the nudity adds nothing to the story except making you wonder why they picked the most random situation to get half naked. The inappropriateness of the movie with a few sexual scenes feels like those moments have been added just to keep the viewer somewhat interested, but at the end, those what-the-heck moments will just make the movie even more comical.

However, this low budget looking movie does have a story line that works. Sometimes it’s a little far-fetched, but it works! You might find yourself guessing the ending of the movie right at the beginning, but I advise you to keep watching because you may be surprised by some characters and also by the last scene.

I recommend it if you have an hour to spare and don’t want to use all your brain cells trying to understand the plot. I will say that although it may not be a must see, it is fun to watch a movie that does not take itself seriously.



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