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Writer resurrects zombie novel three decades after setting it aside

barkertonOriginally conceived in the 1980’s, BARKERTON, from Day Rusk, explores the dark side of human nature and racism using the Zombie genre, while at the same time offering up the thrills, blood, gore and drama that fans have come to know and love.

The DEAD have risen…and they’re as confused as the LIVING!

Things had been bad in Barkerton for quite some time. Industry had left the small town and many of its citizens were just barely hanging on. The mood was gloom. The mood attracted It!

Drawn to Barkerton, the malevolent Spirit sets about removing all inhibitions from the town’s residents allowing them the freedom to explore the darkness within their souls. At the same time, the Spirit wreaks havoc by raising the dead in Barkerton’s centuries-old cemetery.

As confusion, violence, and fear grips this once idyllic small town, a battle is waged between the living and the living, the living and the dead, and the dead and the dead, with only a few pure souls remaining who dare to believe – and hope – they can fight the odds and ultimately survive!

“I’ve always been a fan of horror movies with a special place in my heart for all things Zombie – good and bad,” said Day Rusk. “I wanted to write a Zombie story, but I wanted to find an angle that might make it unique. When I coupled it with thoughts of racism, and how we often hate others merely because they are different from us, and only because of that, I thought I could write a Zombie novel that touched upon this theme, but not in a preachy way, and not forgetting to offer readers the thrills and excitement they would want and have come to expect from the genre.”

Rusk said the novel languished for more than 30 years because he wasn’t really ready to write a complex novel like Barkerton (named in honor of horror writer Clive Barker) that featured several distinct story lines that would eventually need to come together.

“Barkerton became that proverbial half-written manuscript that sat in my desk drawer for two decades. A book I never thought I’d finish,” Rusk said. “Having developed as a writer, writing screenplays, and honing my storytelling skills with indie film producers, and after having written three novels, I decided it was time to revive BARKERTON, not only because the Zombie genre finally seemed to be getting some respect in the marketplace, but because I really wanted to know how it ended. I needed to take my time to develop my skills as a writer, and the wait, I hope, is well worth it, as once again the characters demanded my attention, and finally, their story has been told, and I hope told well.”

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