Zombie war game ‘Undead Factory’ available on iOS & Android

BTD STUDIO Co., Ltd., a Japanese mobile application developer based in Tokyo, released “UNDEAD FACTORY – Zombie Pandemic – ,” the first title from its new label “PUNCH GAMES,” on February 16 at Google Play (TM) and App Store (TM) in 155 countries on the globe. PUNCH GAMES, as the name suggests, is the new label with the concept “to create punchy games.”

What kind of app is UNDEAD FACTORY?

UNDEAD FACTORY is a real-time war game on zombie pandemic, an explosive expansion of zombie infection. We not only pursued how to shoot down “zombies,” the increasingly popular superstar of an impregnable position for events and Halloween these days, but also investigated how to build a game around them for the maximum enjoyment. Players are to develop their own colonies (their defense bases and resource production sites) and produce diverse types of zombies to seize resources from the colonies of the opponent. The graphical representation of producing numerous zombies and sending them into the opponent’s field is just overwhelming, as if in a high-budgeted disaster film.

98% of users say it is fun!
In a questionnaire (Android only) carried out for 10 days between January 15 and 25preceding the official release, 98% of the 500 participants who answered the questionnaire indicated it was fun and 99% said they would play the final version, while several responded with complaints such as program bugs.

The brand-new “zombie-infection system” is super exciting! Players can turn survivors in the opponent’s field into zombies by the “infection system.” The strategic use of zombie pandemic can lead to “turning around” the battle at the very end.

UNDEAD FACTORY is available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play. App Store:

Google Play:

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