Equipping for disaster

Television show to film at Zombie Apocalypse Store

Two years ago, Mike Monko’s Zombie Apocalypse Store was “some place cool to go if you’re going to be in Las Vegas.”  It has now become a popular destination.

“While visiting the Zombie Apocalypse Store,” owner Mike Monko suggests with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye, “why not stay a few extra days and see Las Vegas’ other attractions?”

Monko’s wit, wisdom, and sense of humor have attracted an exceptional cast of characters to his establishment.  There’s Scott, the lovable ex-counterintelligence agent who frequents the store to stock up on food, water, ammunition, and “special items.”

“Yes, I’m paranoid,” he admits, “but am I paranoid enough?”

CombatKimmyInStoreStore employee, expert marksman, bikini model, and zombie hunter Combat Kimmy attracts an ever-increasing number of visitors to the stores growing business.  Characters such as Bug-Out Dan and Zombie Jim, along with thousands of interesting customers have contributed to the Zombie Apocalypse Store making numerous “Top 10” lists and validating the title “World Famous.”  Add the Zombie Shooting Experience to the mix (where customers can “shoot real zombies”) and you have a television show just waiting to be shared with the world.

The Zombie Apocalypse Store TV show is currently in active development.  Interested viewers can follow the progress of the show by visiting www.ZombieApocalypseStore.com.  All of the social media links are there.

Want to experience in person what you’ll be seeing on the show?  Visit the Zombie Apocalypse Store, 3420 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102 – Phone: 702-320-0703 – Email: info@zombieapocalypsestore.com.  Meet owner Mike Monko.  Register for the Zombie Shooting Experience. If you’d like to be considered for a future episode of The Zombie Apocalypse Store TV Show, be sure to let Mike know.

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